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Updates and Changes to International Freight Payments

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RPW has implemented the following policy with regards to international orders. This is due to variations in freight charges resulting in some people over paying, and many people underpaying for goods being freighted internationally.

In order to provide a fairer system for all concerned, especially in relation to the growing number of people utilising paypal services, we are now going to use the following procedure.


(A) Upon an order being placed with RPW, the customer will be advised of the amount to be paid for the value of the goods only. Payment via paypal request or bank trasnfer will be confirmed at this point. If done via Paypal then a paypal request will be sent.

(B) At the same time as this order is confirmed, an approximate value for freight will be provided.

(C) Once the goods are packaged and prepared to be shipped out, the goods will be weighed and the exact costs for freight will be ascertained.

(D) The customer will then be provided with a payment request for the exact value of the freight. By default the cheapest option on freight with tracking will be utilised, mostly being EMS Couriers, unless specified otherwise by the customer. For Paypal payments, EMS is the only option that we wil provide to protect ourselves and provide online tracking data.

(E) Once payment for the freight value has been received, the goods will be shipped out and tracking details provided.


RPW does not overcharge on our freight, we charge exactly as it costs us. With Australia Post EMS Couriers being our primary choice of freight, we will provide the weight of the package and a link so that you can see the amount we are requesting for freight is the same as listed on the Australia Post / EMS website for price confirmation.

We feel this new policy will provide a better service for our customers, ensuring that for some there will be no more over payments and for ourselves, we will no longer be covering extra freight charges at our own expense.

If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions regarding this feel free to contact us and discuss this.


28th April 2011

David Thomas


All Products nearly transferred to new website

We have virtually fully updated our new online store at with the full range of products.

This site has now been disabled from placing orders.

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