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My Car is not listed

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My car is not listed under manufacturer list

We are constantly updating the website so bear with us. Choose the closest car that matches your vehicle - usually one with the same engine size and code as Mitsubishi, Proton and Hyundai do a lot of interchanging with there engines. We get this question a lot 'You use to do my car do you not do them anymore" yes we do but we are trying to get every model Mitsubishi, Hyundai & Proton on the website but it is taking time. Bear with us.

Website Ordering Back Online

Our websites have been moved to our new host and there are still some minor glitches but mostly worked out. Whilst we are building a new shop site, we have done some security upgrades on this older site which has improved it tremendously. Online registration is being enabled again, produce prices being updated and new products uploaded. We expect this site to be fully updated by the middle of June 2014

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