Updated Note :

Please do not call us for information on HOW TO DO THIS CONVERSION. We only provide this as an in-house service and cannot provide telephone directions / advise on how to do this conversion. These are not straight forward conversions and it would take literally hours to run through how to do this, especially with the Mitsubishi 4wd range of vehicles. We apologize in advance if this sounds harsh, but we have been inundated with requests from Eastern States customers wanting advice / information on how to do this.

RPW is now able to provide the full range of 6G75 engine conversions for the following applications

Mitsubishi Magna TE – TL Front Wheel Drive
Mitsubishi Magna TJ – TL All Wheel Drive
Mitsubishi Pajero 4wd models
Mitsubishi Triton 2wd and 4wd models
Mitsubishi Challenger 4wd models

The Magna vehicles are particular easy conversions with the only requirement being that some origonal components from the original 6G74 engine are required to perform the conversion.

For the Mitsubishi Pajero / Triton / Challenger series, for the 3.0 model motors, some additional components are required to be purchase for the conversion.

For the Mitsubishi Pajero / Triton series with the 3.5 model motors, the conversion is very straight forward and easy.

In all cases, re flashing of the factory ECU is performed to ensure everything is run properly.

Upgrading to the 3.8 Litre engine has considerable benefits being

The 3.8 Litre engine increased capacity produces instant torque and HP gains, especially over the 3.0 litre engines
The 6G75 engine has higher compression of 10.0 : 1 for greater horsepower
The 6G75 engine has an improved camshaft profile over the 3.0 / 3.5 engines for better breathing and retaining smooth idle
The 6G75 cylinder head in stock form outflows and outperforms a 6G72/74 cylinder head even after being ported. It also has larger valves and much better designed ports.
The engine size is virtually identical in design and shape to the 6G72/74 engines, which dramatically reduces costs for any swap over.

It is our recommendation that it is more cost effective to fit a 6G75 engine into these vehicles rather than going to the expense of performing any cylinder head / camshaft work on the 6G72/74 engines. You would get better gains, more torque and a stronger base platform for future modifications at a cheaper price by performing this conversion.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking to have this type of work performed on your vehicle.