For customers with the Mitsubishi Lancer / Fortis with the 4B11 / 12 vehicles including Ralliart Lancer and EVO X, we have found 2012 model vehicles have had a change to the front timing cover housing.

There is a raised area that will contact the pulley and will not allow it to turn when fitting the current range of Alutec Pulley Kits.

We will be working with Alutec to produce a revised pulley but meanwhile, for those wanting to fit one of these onto there vehicle, you can simply grind away a small portion of this protruding material to produce extra clearance.

You only need to remove approx 1 – 2mm of material which will not cause any side effects or reliability issues with the timing cover. Simply fit the pulley and ensure you can see some clearance between this area and the back of the pulley.