Further work has been done on the website with some visual changes. The main change has been the move of the power packages and Supercharger / Turbocharger conversions to a separate page. This has sped up the load time of the main page improving loading times for all forms of browsers. Other minor changes are for SEO optimisation and not readily apparent from a customers point of view. We would

We have completed more work on the transfer of the old website to the new including Completed transfer and updating of Project Vehicles Merged RPW Race vehicles into the same catagory as Project Vehicles Merged photos for the RPW Drag Galant into one page (Previously two pages_ with updated photos Completed Customer cars section Started work on the vehicle modification guide area Once we have completed the vehicle modification guide

After 6 months of development work we have moved our latest version of the Racing Performance Works website across to replace our older non mobile friendly version. We have retained our older website as we continue to transfer non – essential data across to www.rpw.com.au/rpwv1 for those who wish to look over that site. We will over the next few months continue to update the balance of the data into

We have now completed our R&D project for the Great Wall X240 / V240 vehicles with our bolt on turbocharger kits. We have now uploaded these to our RPW Shop online store at www.shop.rpw.com.au Our new main website is in the process of being built and has updated information on these turbocharger kits. We have uploaded dyno graphs and more information onto our Facebook page for those wanting more feedback

To all our customers and supporters, thank you for your business in 2014. We wish you a safe and merry Christmas. We also appreciate your patience throughout our busy times and look forward to a successful 2015 for all. We will be closing for Holidays on the 23rd December and reopening on the 12th January 2015. During this period we will be periodically checking emails and Facebook but do not

Racing Performance Works is now offering tuning services for the Cobbs Accessport tuning products. This tuning device has large amounts of R&D work, great support and provides effective tuning solutions for vehicles which up to date, have only had either expensive or limited tuning solutions. This product is not widely accepted in the Australian Market but it is growing and RPW is one of the very few Western Australian Firms

RPW Service Centre has changed our opening times in relation to Saturdays. From our original times of 9.00 – 12.00, we will instead only be open by Appointment for general enquiries or pick ups. For any customers wishing to come through to pick up goods, or make an enquiry, our new times will generally be between 11.00 – 1.00 on average.These times may alter depending upon personal circumstances. There will

Jan 2013

Website Updates

RPW has been performing some major updates on our websites which are nearly complete. Within the next few weeks this temporary website address will be moved to its new permanent location of www.rpw.com.au We will retain the www.rpw.com.au/shop address purely for the online website store only which will become a more dedicated and focused webpage.

For customers with the Mitsubishi Lancer / Fortis with the 4B11 / 12 vehicles including Ralliart Lancer and EVO X, we have found 2012 model vehicles have had a change to the front timing cover housing. There is a raised area that will contact the pulley and will not allow it to turn when fitting the current range of Alutec Pulley Kits. We will be working with Alutec to produce

Got this message from the VCM Suite team in Australia. VCM Suite has the full software suite to now do these vehicles. Anyone in WA looking to get there Holden Cruze tuned, contact us. I am sure this will be of interest to many WA Customers. Holden Cruze can now be tuned using VCM Suite It’s been a long time coming but the ability to tune Holden Cruze is finally

Racing Performance Works is proud to announce the expansion of our involvement with the Ecutek range of tuning. We have now invested with Ecutek to enable ourselves to provide the full range of Petrol and Diesel range of tuning for there current and future range of vehicles. We anticipate that with the expanding growth of tuning options, including there advanced Race Roms research, we will continue to provide these options

Milltek releases new Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 Performance Exhaust System The ‘Toyabaru’ as it has been affectionately dubbed by the motoring press is without doubt one of the most hotly-anticipated tuner cars of the last decade. True to form, extraction guru Milltek has designed and manufactured a stunning exhaust system for both variants that balances tangible power gains with a simply sublime soundtrack. Milltek’s engineers worked alongside to create an exhaust

Racing Performance Works will now be distributing and installing the full range of TaipanXP Exhaust systems. This is not limited to Mitsubishi vehicles, but for all makes and models including Toyota, Nissan etc. These systems are of the highest quality, and performance is guaranteed. We will also be able to provide tuning services to match the system fitted to the vehicle, combined with our tuning as part of the Australian

RPW has discontinued the sale of Mail Order Flash tunes for the CJ Lancer series due to a lack of time. Due to a very high workload, the tuner, David Thomas, is unable to provide these back in a reasonable time frame as these were being done after hours on his own time. We did not feel it was fair to take an order, and take up to several weeks

RPW Service Centre, as part of the expansion of our tuning services, has completed our Ecutek set-up and can now provide full tuning for Mazda vehicles. Our initial efforts to tune the Mazda vehicles was a failure as we tried a more local open source program. Unfortunately this program, despite its high price, turned out to be unsuitable for professional tuning despite our best efforts. We turned instead to the

  RPW was approached by Emerald M3D to become one of there agents and tuners for Western Australia. This is a growing brand getting great recognition in the UK area. There ECU systems whilst simple in comparison to some of the leading brands, focuses on the basics and utilises an adaptive closed loop operation for fuel control that matches other systems. For those wanting something without all the bells and

Updated Note : Please do not call us for information on HOW TO DO THIS CONVERSION. We only provide this as an in-house service and cannot provide telephone directions / advise on how to do this conversion. These are not straight forward conversions and it would take literally hours to run through how to do this, especially with the Mitsubishi 4wd range of vehicles. We apologize in advance if this

With recent updates and success with the ability now to read and write back to the nearly full range of Mitsubishi four wheel drive vehicles utilising EcuFlash software and the Taxtrix 2.0 cable. This list now includes the following confirmed models Mitsubishi Pajero 6G72/74 SOHc 24v Models Mitsubishi Triton 6G72 SOHC 24v Models Mitsubishi Challenger 6G72 SOHc 24v Models Mitsubishi Pajero 6G75 SOHC 24v Models with Drive by Wire Throttle

Racing Performance Works is finalising our relationship with Forge Motorsport to import there range of custom CNC Alloy product range. We will be stocking the fast moving Mitsubishi EVO and Colt range of products including waste-gate actuators and blow off valves. Other items like header tanks, radiators etc will be made available through semi regular bulk shipments. For Non Mitsubishi model vehicles, we are happy to arrange any of the

RPW is now offering a Night Time Dyno tuning service for all WA Customers. This is being offered for various reasons, the main two being (A) I want to get home earlier to spend time with my son before he goes to bed (Whilst he is still young enough to want to spend time with me 🙂 ) (B) To tune in the cooler hours of the night and have

Racing Performance Works over the past 5 years have been successfully providing key products to aid Indian Rally Teams to make podium finishes. We currently provide items for three key teams, the main one being Red Rooster Racing. All of these teams utilise our key products for the Front Wheel Drive Lancer vehicles. These vehicles run the Mitsubishi 4G94 2.0 SOHC 16v engines. RPW Provides the following products Custom 12.5

Haltech Plug and Play Kits now available for Mitsubishi Racing Performance Works has just completed and finalised our plug and play packages for the Mitsubishi vehicle range. Utilising Haltechs existing support package, RPW has added our own range. All kits come with a flying lead kit as a direct plug and play onto factory wiring harness, configurable with extra outputs, baseline ECU program to have the vehicle running in less

Galant Drag Car up and running Update Time It runs, its loud, its insane and I haven’t hit boost yet Took it for the first “Run” up the street checking the gears, for oil leaks, water leaks etc and has passed first test. This was with very light throttle and very rough ignition maps. And damn it wants fuel – lots of it. Our initial estimates of being able to

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