RPW Service Centre has changed our opening times in relation to Saturdays.

From our original times of 9.00 – 12.00, we will instead only be open by Appointment for general enquiries or pick ups.

For any customers wishing to come through to pick up goods, or make an enquiry, our new times will generally be between 11.00 – 1.00 on average.These times may alter depending upon personal circumstances.

There will be times when staff are available during the normal 9 – 12 hours, but this may not be a regular event so we do recommend contacting by phone first to ensure that the business is staffed during these times.

If you have not made an appointment, you can try ringing first on either the workshop number on 9443 1719 or Davids Mobile 0417910036

We trust that this will not inconvenience anyone, although we do anticipate that some people will be caught out in the short term, especially fuel customers who are used to coming through on Saturday mornings for fuel pick-ups.