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RPW provides engine reconditioning services for all of our customers. This includes both Standard and High Performance engine rebuilds.

We have for many years specialised in Engine Reconditioning, and we are now seeing more vehicles coming to RPW for true performance rebuilds. We are still happy to perform a standard engine rebuild for vehicles but due to the requirement to book significantly in advance, it may be quicker to arrange a local firm to remove and refit the engine itself into the vehicle.

We do all our own in house machining and assembling except for crankshaft and camshaft grinding. This means we have 100% control over every rebuild from dis-assembly to reassembly. All performance motors are rebuilt using a standardised Engine Blue Printing design, with every stage of machining tolerances recorded permanently.

RPW invoices, on any engine rebuild, will outline every individual component. This allows you, the customer, to see every product placed inside your new motor and ensure you are getting your value for money. We, like most firms, have our favourite brands. These are of the highest quality and below are some of the main ones

  1. CP Forged Piston Sets
  2. Eagle / Par Engineering Forged Steel Conrods
  3. ARP head and main stud kits
  4. Permaseal gasket sets
  5. Genuine Mitsubishi / NOK Engine Seals
  6. ACL Engine Bearings

All engines build by RPW have the standard following machine work

  1. Engine blocks are stripped, acid cleaned, and then re cleaned prior to assembly
  2. Engine blocks are surface ground for perfectly flat surface prior to boring / honing
  3. Engines bored and honed using Sunnon Specialised Equipment
  4. Pistons and bores are individually matched honed for exact tolerances
  5. Cylinder heads are checked for straightness and corrosion prior to cleaning
  6. Cylinder heads are stripped, acid cleaned and then re cleaned prior to assembly
  7. Cylinder heads are surface ground for flat surfaces, V6 heads are ground to the same exact measurements to ensure perfect V pattern with inlet manifolds
  8. Cylinder head valves and seats are machined and ground

Already have your own parts?

We acknowledge, with the ease of the internet, that many people are already purchasing there own pistons, con-rods and other items. We recommend that prior to doing this that you speak with your chosen engine builder first to ensure you get the right combination of parts and quality. There are an increasing number of companies providing sub-quality Chinese manufactured components. We can only say if the price seems so much cheaper than known quality items on the market then it probably is.

If you have your own components, we are more than happy to do the machine work and assemble your engine with your components. Our workmanship is still guaranteed. Of course we cannot guarantee the quality of the components that have been fitted to the engine unless supplied by ourselves.

Pricing is subject to components supplied and the amount of assembly work required.

What is our Warranty?

We provide the following warranty and conditions on any engine rebuild that is performed within our workshop
  1. 12 months / 20,000km minimum warranty on all engine rebuilds including Performance Turbocharged engines
  2. Engines build for the express purpose of Racing are not guaranteed once the engine is bedded in and tuned on a dyno.
  3. No warranty is accepted until the “Cause of Failure” is first ascertained.
  4. Warranty covers Parts and Labor for the motor rebuild, and installation (When performed by RPW)
  5. Engine Rebuilds where the customer supplies key components, warranty is limited to the labour content only.
  6. Consumables of Water, Oil, Coolant and Filters are not covered under warranty and will need to be repurchased
  7. Turbo Engines will require a minimum of 5000km running in time before they are allowed to run boost levels in excess of 14 psi and allowed to reach maximum RPM levels.
  8. Strict servicing of an initial 1000km from time of installation and then 5000km intervals there after are required to maintain warranty (Race Engines Excluded)
  9. Should a breakdown occur, it is up to the owner of the vehicle to arrange transport of the vehicle to RPW’s Location at there own expense.
  10. There may be other terms and conditions – please discuss this with us prior to confirming your booking.
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