Galant Drag Car up and running

Update Time

It runs, its loud, its insane and I haven’t hit boost yet

Took it for the first “Run” up the street checking the gears, for oil leaks, water leaks etc and has passed first test. This was with very light throttle and very rough ignition maps.

And damn it wants fuel – lots of it. Our initial estimates of being able to use some small 440cc injectors to start with has already died. Pumped FPR unit up to 70 psi static and will have to see how we go.

Saturday taking it to the dyno for the first time to run it up on some pump fuel and get a baseline tune at around 7 psi boost into it. Once we do this, and everything has tested okay, then we can go back with race fuel and do some real hard level tuning on it.

Some new photos coming soon but lets say after 3 years off the road, damn if feels good to have it running again.

Best of all the new $850.00 clutch cover billet cover plate we got works like a charm – its so light that it feels like a stock clutch. Thank god for modern day technology unlike the predecessor which I needed two legs to push the clutch down.

Anyway hopefully Saturday night be able to post some dyno figures.

Check out our website for more technical data and dyno printout.