Got this message from the VCM Suite team in Australia.

VCM Suite has the full software suite to now do these vehicles.

Anyone in WA looking to get there Holden Cruze tuned, contact us.

I am sure this will be of interest to many WA Customers.

Holden Cruze can now be tuned using VCM Suite
It’s been a long time coming but the ability to tune Holden Cruze is finally here. Though currently

limited to the 1.4L Petrol Turbo variant, we have seen incredible gains of over 20rwkW and have shaved one second off the 0-100kmph time!

The results from tuning the automatic transmission have been significant; turning this fairly pedestrian small car’s shifting behaviour to something reminiscent of the VW GTi, arguably the benchmark for the Australian small car market.

The other engine and fuel variants are currently under development and once tested will be made available.