Holden Rodeo 6VD1

Haltech Elite Powered EFI Upgrade

Vehicle Make : Holden
Vehicle Model : Rodeo
Engine Model : 6VD1 V6 3.2L DOHC 24v
Transmission : 5 Speed Manual
ECU : Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
Brief Mods : Extractors, Custom Exhaust, Duel Channel Wide Band Kit.

This vehicle came to RPW as part of a two stage process. The vehicle is used for towing and four wheel driving, but suffered from lack of overtaking ability, and had uneven idle issues. These issues were exasperated by the fitment of the extractors and exhaust system making the vehicle run ragged and feeling a sever lack of throttle response. Fuel economy was also quite terrible.

The eventual goal was to fit a supercharger in the near future so with that in mind we started with the following.

  • Haltech Elite 2500 Short Loom Kit wired into origonal harness for a factory installation look.
  • Haltech Duel channel wide band Sensor Kits for seperate bank adjustment.
  • Duel Knock Sensor input into Haltech ECU

The Haltech was mounted in the engine bay close to where the origonal unit was located. The wide band controller was also mounted next to it for ease of fitment. Once wired up and tuned the car was noticeably smoother at idle and on acceleration with some ability to over take now. There was a noticeable variation between LH and RH banks but nothing the Haltech could not cope and compensate for, especially with the duel wide band O2 system.

The vehicle is now back at Racing Performance Works for the development of a Sprintex Supercharger kit so watch this page for more updates soon.