Hyundai Accent LC

Haltech Powered 1.6 Litre Qaud Throttle Bodied Engine

Vehicle Make : Hyundai
Vehicle Model : Accent LC
Engine Model : G4ED Alpha II 1.6 DOHC 16v Variable Cam Timing
Transmission : 5 Speed Manual
ECU : Haltech Elite 1500 ECU
Brief Mods : Extractors, Custom Exhaust, Coil Over Plug Ignition, Larger Injectors, Cold Air Induction Kit, Quaife ATB Differential, K Sport Coil over, Half Roll Cage and other suspension modifications.

This Hyundai Accent LC Model started out completely stock with the factory G4ED Alpha 1.6 L 16-valve DOHC engine.

First Round Modifications

The first round of modifications began with the following

  • Replacement of the stock 1.6 Alpha Engine with the later model 1.6 Alpha II Variable Cam Timing Engine.
  • Fitment of RPW 4-1 Race Design Extractors
  • Large Bore Exhaust with minimal Mufflers due to planned Race Duties
  • Pod Filter with Semi Cold Air Induction setup
  • Fitment of Quaife ATB Differential for improved traction
  • Installation of the Haltech Elite 1500 ECU System with Wide Band Sensor Kit
  • RPW Short Shifter Kit
  • Upgrading to the Alpha II Coil over plug ignition system
  • A K-Sport Coil over kit was fitted, along with other under body suspension components including bushes etc
  • A Half Roll cage was fitted behind the drivers seat
  • Racing Seats with appropiate harnesses
  • Upgraded larger front brakes.

The vehicle was then placed on the dyno and tuned up, producing very credible results. Dyno graph on the side shows the comparison of the vehicle tuned with these first round modifications and the second round modifications. The upgraded motor with its combined variable camshaft timing, larger factory throttle body and better flowing cylinder head assembly

Horsepower peaked at 110 hp at the hubs which was around 15hp more than the factory setup, with a higher working rpm range and improved acceleration. Nothing fantastic over the stock tune but certainly noticeable for such a low horsepower vehicle.

Second Round Modifications

The Second round of modifications began with the production of a Quad Throttle Body system to replace the stock single throttle body manifold.

  • The factory intake manifold was used as a base and fitted with individual 38mm butterflies and ram tubes.
  • The factory manifold has a very close to vertical path running into the cylinder head for maximun airflow.
  • The design retained the factory fuel rail and injector positioning.
  • The manifold was fitted up to the vehicle with few physical modifications

As can be seen on the dyno graph, the vehicle performance above 5500 rpm is improved over the original motor design. Throttle response on the track was significantly improved out of corners, although the low horsepower values compared to other vehicles, shows up on the long straights. But in the wet weather, with its lightweigh chassis, there are very few vehicles which can match its performance on the track. The Dyno graph shows the power from this vehicle with the comparison between the stock manifold and the new ITB Manifold.

Next step for this vehicle is a custom built high compression G4GM 2.0 CVT Race Engine with ITB’s, designed to be run on E85 with 15 : 1 Compression Ratio. This is in the process of being built with the cylinder head getting all of the highest level of modifications including over size valves, porting work, valve springs and camshafts.

A Haltech IQ3 Logger Dash with GPS input was fitted up to the vehicle as a Quaife ABT differential had been fitted and the stock speedo gear input was unable to be used, this allowing a road speed input to now become available.

Vehicle is used at Barbagallo and Collie Speed Event series racing and other track events.

For a video link to see the vehicle in action with the lovely ITB’s in action, check the following link

My best lap from today. Unfortunately it was just too warm today so it robbed me of some much needed horsepower, which stopped me getting a new pb. Was still fast enough to win my class for today, but only by .36seconds. Going to be a close day tomorrow

Posted by Garth Bosworth on Saturday, 14 October 2017