Hyundai Accent LC

Haltech Powered 2.1 Litre Qaud Throttle Bodied Engine

Vehicle Make : Hyundai
Vehicle Model : Accent LC
Engine Model : G4GC Beta II 2.0 DOHC 16v HVT Cam Timing (Intake Only)
Transmission : 5 Speed Manual
ECU : Haltech Elite 1500 ECU
Brief Mods : Full Race Engine, extractors, Custom Exhaust, Coil Over Plug Ignition, Larger Injectors, 40mm GSX-R Throttle Body Kit, Quaife ATB Differential

This Hyundai Accent LC Model started out completely stock with the factory G4ED Alpha 1.6 L 16-valve DOHC engine. Look how far it has come.

First and Second Round Modifications

For a full breakdown of the 1st and 2nd round modifications made to this vehicle with please check the following link.

Third Round Modifications

The Third and final round of modifications have been completed with the following additions. Since there has been so much work on the vehicle we will break it down into sections

Engine Modifications

  • A new donor engine was sourced being the G4GC 2.0 Beta II DOHC 16v with HVT (Intake Camshaft)
  • ┬áCustom 15:0 : 1 pistons were manufactured by CP in the USA with a very high dome design, special milling on the underside to reduce weight. These were taken out to 040″ (1.00mm) oversize.
  • The Pistons were silicone treated on the skirts and heat treated on the crown to reduce heat soak and improve the combustion process.
  • The engine block was bored, honed, decked and fitted with ARP Head and Main Stud Kits.
  • A modified 2.0 crankshaft was fitted with extensive machining done to reduce the counterweights and knife edged, then rebalanced.
  • The crankshaft was also re-stroked up by 030″ (0.75mm) to bring the new capacity of the engine up to 2095cc from the original 1980cc (Approx.) just under the rules for Improved Production engine sizes for the Under 2.0 Class.
  • Custom Forged light weight H Beam Conrods were designed and used within the engine for additional strength.
  • The Cylinder head has extreme porting work performed and fitted with 1.00mm oversize custom stainless steel intake and exhaust valves.
  • Custom Race Camshafts designed and fitted with matching valve springs to handle the increased lift and duration.
  • Vernier camshaft gear was fitted to the exhaust camshaft to enable more fine tuning to be performed.
  • A two piece steel under driver Harmonic Balancer was fitted, originally designed for the Hyundai Rally Vehicles. Designed for extreme high rpm consistent use.

Other Modifications

  • To complete the induction mods, a custom Suzuki GSX-R throttle body kit was manufactured fitted up with custom velocity stacks. Fitting nicely near the firewall with clearance to spare.
  • The Fuel injectors were upgraded to 725cc Bosch Units to ensure the diet of Race E85 fuel could be adequately suppled.
  • The previous G4ED Alpha 2 ignition coil over plug setup was modified to fit into the new rocker cover system of the Beta Engine with a nearly factory look, other than a .
  • RPW 4-1 Race Design Long Tube extractors were fitted with a new flex pipe system to the pre-existing 2 1/4″ Exhaust (Virtual straight through with race muffler).
  • The Exhaust system may be upgraded to a new 2 1/2″ side venting race system in the future.
  • A Hyundai Tuscon Flywheel was utilised, after being re-machined and lightened with the Heavy Duty Accent clutch kit that was already being used.
  • The engine was fitted with custom engine mounts to enable the longer engine to just slide into the engine bay, with the gearbox being shifted sideways by around 10 – 15mm.
  • Hyundai Excel passenger CV shaft was utilised due to its shorter length to provide sufficient clearance when turning with the repositioned gearbox.
  • The original 1.6 Alpha II gearbox was retained due to it already being fitted with the Quaife ATB unit.

Final Summary

This new engine project has been something we had been working on over a 2 year period. The engine alone has many hours of design work done, especially with the piston design by CP to give us the extremely high compression but ensure we have sufficient valve reliefs. The engine was always planned to run on E85 and hence the ultra-high compression to take as much advantage from that fuel as was possible. The porting work linked with the oversize valves has provided as much flow as possible through the cylinder head with the 40mm internal ID individual throttle bodies ensuring there will be no limitation on induction flow to reduce the horsepower at the higher rpm ranges.

When compared to the original 1600cc engine that has come out, this engine is expected to match the previous engine for torque in the lower rpm’s due to its very large camshaft profile but from the 4000 rpm onwards the torque and power is expected to eclipse the previous engines easily. The use of E85 will also have a great intercooling effect on the engine and enable us to really lean on it hard and not have any overheating issues nor high induction temperatures, normally the bane for individual throttle body systems. The customer has already invested in a bonnet scoop with a great redirection of air to the previous throttle bodies and this will continue to work well with the new design.

We can only say the pictures of the individual throttle bodies is pure car Porn and who would not want that look under there bonnet.

The engine was broken in with a stock manifold purely for the initial 1000km of running the new engine in whilst the ITB system was being developed. Photos show how neatly this fits into the engine bay.

The vehicle as of February 2019 is back in our workshop and tuned on E85 but still retaining the stock camshafts due to a minor issue with the camshafts. These are being remachined and then the vehicle will be retuned with the larger camshafts.

Even with the stock camshafts the results were amazing, with a much improved torque curve and good solid horsepower gains over the origonal 1600cc engine. The Dyno sheet currently showing is with the engine on stock cams and E85 fuel.

Hyundai Accent LC

Engine Build Photos

Induction Photos

Dyno Sheets