RPW has discontinued the sale of Mail Order Flash tunes for the CJ Lancer series due to a lack of time. Due to a very high workload, the tuner, David Thomas, is unable to provide these back in a reasonable time frame as these were being done after hours on his own time.

We did not feel it was fair to take an order, and take up to several weeks to get the tune done and only provided a bad feeling between the customer and RPW.


David has still offered to do these, but it is now on the understanding that it will be done at his earliest convenience. This may mean it could be done within 2 days, or 2 weeks depending upon whether new definition files need to be made, and the complexity of the vehicle in questions. Pricing is still the same $100.00 which will be done through the RPW Pay pal account.  Payment is not due until after the ROM is ready to be emailed back after being modified

For those wanting a flash mail order done for the CJ Lancer series, please use the following information

  • Your Name and contact details
  • Model of vehicle – Proton or Mitsubishi
  • Year of vehicle
  • Engine size (Very important)
  • Transmission type – 5 speed Manuel or CVT, if CVT 5 or 6 speed
  • Your Location – USA, Malaysia etc
  • If USA, is this a PVEC Model or Fed Spec (Very important) – if PVEC model are you running stock header or removed the Primary cat off the manifold)
  • List of modifications on the vehicle
  • If the vehicle has been modified, a dyno printout showing the power, torque, air fuel ratio and cross referenced to RPM Scaling (Not speed)

Then email a copy of your ROM to rpwlaptop@iinet.net.au with all your details.

Please remember, this is done after hours and you may not get a reply back to your email for several days. This is a purely volunteering service provided by David during his own time and as such, any attempts to hurry things along may find themselves placed at the end of the list.