RPW is now offering a Night Time Dyno tuning service for all WA Customers.

This is being offered for various reasons, the main two being

(A) I want to get home earlier to spend time with my son before he goes to bed (Whilst he is still young enough to want to spend time with me 🙂 )
(B) To tune in the cooler hours of the night and have less interruptions

RPW is offering mainly for Re-flashing / re-tuning to do night time tuning. Enquire in advance to see if your vehicle / ECU application is suitable.

This is a great option for customers wanting to both see there car be tuned on the dyno, as well as make it easier to get the vehicle to a dyno shop if it is your main means of transport.

This is by strict appointment only with at least 1 weeks advance notice. The main nights will be either Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights.

The plan is that you come to our workshop either around 4.30 in the afternoon and we can get our staff to fit the vehicle onto the dyno, and i come back around 7.30 at night to do the tuning, or you can come to the shop around 7.30 and you will be drafted into fitting the vehicle onto the dyno and off again.

The first option enables you to go get some dinner etc before hand and we can get stuck straight into the tuning.

We have been requested many times to do weekend tuning or night time, but usually the weekend is just not practical as we get too many interruptions on a Saturday morning.

If your interested in this, feel free to contact RPW on 0894431719 and ask for David. I have been trialing this for the last 2 weeks and its works great. We can leave work around 4.00 before the traffic, spend some time home, have dinner and then come back to the shop and get some in depth tuning done. With the cooler air and no interruptions, I can get most tunes done in under 2 hours.

Best of all, the owner / friends are welcome to be in the vehicle at the same time as it is being tuned / watch from outside and take video’s and see the car being transformed in comfort.