Dynapack Hub Dyno

Our Dynapack Hub Dyno and pricing structure

The dynapack couples directly to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled load. This method of direct coupling plus its inherent durability means the Dynapack is always on control of the vehicle.
With the power of the Dynapack you have complete control over the test and the demands placed on the vehicle.
Flexible data presentation and analysis is available directly from the simple to use Windows interface.

What makes the Dynapack so special …?

  • Repeatable – Stable measurement system, no tyre – roller interface
  • Sensitive – No inertia to mask small changes; able to detect 0.10″ changes in spark plug gap, minute differences in fluids in the engine and drive-line.
  • Simulate- Track conditions on the Dynapack – User control rate of change of RPM.
  • Portable – With the wheels on Dynapack’s absorption unit, just roll it up to the vehicle.
  • Safe to Use -No rollers, no need to tie the vehicle down. NO stress on suspension components.

Dynapack Hub Dyno as an Engine Dyno?

RPW is continuing the process of manufacturing various chassis setup with a differential and custom drive line system creating an Engine Dyno.
With increasing Interstate and International customers wanting Race engines, we are building this form of an engine dyno to allow us to run an engine before leaving our premises.
Wired up to an ECU (Of customers choice), this will allow us to run the engine in and perform a full tune (For Naturally Aspirated Engines) or just bed in a Turbo engine.

Dyno Hire

Our Dynapack Hub Dyno is available for 3rd party hire. Whether it be a tuning enthusiast, interstate or international tuner or in many cases, other Western Australian tuning firms requiring a no slip dyno for high horsepower vehicles. Many firms come to us knowing the ease and reliability of our Dyno compared to other rolling road dyno’s, especially high horsepower four wheel drive vehicles.

Our Pricing Structure is :

  • Hourly rate of $130.00 per Hour once vehicle is fitted onto the dyno
  • Half day fixed rate (4 hours) of $450.00
  • Full day fixed rate (Maximun of 8 hours) of $850.00
  • Pricing does not included installation and removal of vehicle onto dyno.
  • For Tuning Enthusiasts / first time users of the dyno, we will be required to spend the first 1/2 hour running through the dyno operations.

Power Runs

Due to the extensive setup time to place vehicles on and off our dyno, we no longer do one off power runs.
If a customer wishes to hire the dyno to perform a power run, the amount charged would be based on a combination of

  • Workshop labour rates (For fitment and removal on the dyno)
  • Dyno charged rates ($100.00 per hour) whilst vehicle is being run on the dyno.

Dyno Tuning Charges

We don’t charge more if your vehicle is a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four wheel drive for operating the dyno. We charge a flat rate.
The only variation in charges are fitting times which of course, do vary depending upon how long it takes to fit the vehicle onto the dyno and remove again.

  • Installation Rates on / off dyno is $115 per hour. Average times are 1 hour for FWD / RWD and 1.5 – 2.0 hours for AWD Vehicles.
  • Tuning rates are $200.00 per hour (Retuning any existing tune)
  • Tuning rates for OpenECU tunes are $450.00 on average
  • Tuning rates for fresh installs of after market systems average $750.00 including cold start and road testing.

* All prices include GST and prices are subject to change without notice

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