Toyota Hilux 3.8L V6 Ecotec Supercharged

Toyota Body with GM Ecotec Conversion

Vehicle Make : Toyota
Vehicle Model : Hilux
Engine Model : GM Ecotec 3.8L V6 Factory Supercharged
Transmission : Holden 4L60E Automatic Manualised.
Location : Perth, Western Australia
Dyno Type : Dyna Pack Hub Dyno
ECU : Haltech Elite 2000
Brief Mods : Holden GM 3800 V6 Engine conversions, Front Mount Intercooler, Modified 4L60E Transmission in full Manual Mode, Bosch Fuel Pump with Surge Tank, upgraded exhaust with factory exhaust manifolds, larger 440cc fuel injectors.

Other Notes :

This vehicle was converted some time ago by another firm, unfortunatly done quite badly once you started looking closely. The actual installation of the engine and gearbox was done well, but the wiring was a complete disaster, with the vehicle continually stalling and running in multipoint fuel mode on a budget range ECU system. Fuel economy was terrible, and many of the wiring joints were done via crushed terminal joints, along with relays placed all throughout the vehicle along with many individual fuses.

Other issues existed with the vehicle overheating, an attempt made with a home made system with a large davies craig thermo fan, then the addition of two small fans placed at the front of the radiator to attemp to stop it overheating. There were many other minor issues, too many to list.

The vehicle came to RPW after another firm attempted to adjust the idle, unsurprisingly, unable to rectify it. The customer then came to RPW and after a visual inspection and discussion, the decision was made to remove the existing limiting ECU system on the vehicle, and to completely rewire the vehicle with a Haltech Elite 2000 system along with all of its advanced functions. The customer had only recently purchased the vehicle from the origonal owner / modifier.

But it was not all bad – the manualised transmission with a B&M shifter was nice to use, the front mount intercooler was nicely placed and the overall installation excluding eletronics was not badly done. Certainly a great starting package.

The Haltech Elite 2000 long loom kit with fuse box was fitted beneath the passenger seat and wired into the vehicle with a complete rewire, including air conditioning and the 4L60E auto transmission for the Torque Converter and Shift Control (In relation to engine load / RPM). The Haltech was also wired up in full sequential injection to further improve idle and overall fuel economy. The vehicle origonally had some interceptor device to feed road speed to the factory speedo, this was also taken over by the haltech and enabled the road speed to be dialed in accuratly with a non linear conversion curve compared to the liner device that had been fitted.

Other items wired up was a nuetral start switch input into the Haltech to enable idle control to remain very stable due tot he very different load on the engine when in Nuetral / Park versus in gear. You have to love the versatility of the Haltech with its user derived tables and flexibility. Additional sensors hooked up included knock senosrs and something very basic, being an air temperature sensor on the cold side pipe into the supercharger base. Once up and running the vehicle was placed on the dyno, but the vehicle kept overheating.

From there the home made thermo fan system was removed and fitted with a Mitsubishi Magna enclosed assembly which had an immediet effect of stabilising temperatures but there were still issues. Next step was to replace the thermostat with a colder unit along with tightening of the intake manifold to ensure we also had no intake manifold leaks. These all worked with the vehicle now running cooler and able to take more load on the dyno before getting too warm to continue.

With everything sorted out, the vehicle was tuned on the dyno with excellent results. From a Stock 3.8L engine, 300hp at the rear hubs was easily achevied and with the auto, power came on very easily and very strong. Once on the road, the road speed and the dash speed was calibrated with a GPS navigator, and everything tested out. The vehicle was cleaned up and given back to a very happy customer. With the light weight nature on the rear of this vehicle, any hard acceleration in 2nd or 3rd gear became very dangerous on the road, so we would imagine stickier and larger tyres will be the next upgrade on the vehicle.

Photos and dyno sheets are on the Right Hand side. First four photos were of the vehicle when it first came in showing some of the origonal wiring.