To all our customers and supporters, thank you for your business in 2014. We wish you a safe and merry Christmas. We also appreciate your patience throughout our busy times and look forward to a successful 2015 for all.

We will be closing for Holidays on the 23rd December and reopening on the 12th January 2015. During this period we will be periodically checking emails and Facebook but do not necessarily expect a reply back unless its urgent.

For our racing fuel customers, you can always contact us on our mobile phone number to arrange any urgent fuel supplies.

2014 has been a very interesting year, although I would have to say a disappointing one mostly in respects to the staff we have hired, and fired.

One person in particular has created many problems for us, which thankfully we were able to resolve amicably with the majority of customers, and many others we resolved before leaving our shop.

This one person, who did the majority of our engine building and a large amount of work on vehicles incl installations etc, up to Xmas last year, came to us with high expectations based on his supposed experience and his previous work in New Zealand at Kelford Cams.

For those customers who have stayed with us through this difficult period, thank you. For those that did not, this work performed was not to our normal standard, it was just unfortunate that the majority of these issues did not appear until after this person had left our employment.

To avoid a defamation case I won’t publicly state this persons name, but he is now working at a well known shop very close to us…… and if you are considering getting some work done at this premises, I highly recommend that you enquire as to whether this particular person is going to be working on your vehicle.

What we don’t know is – how many issues have they experienced that have been fixed in house. As they say … you have been warned.

This is quite an extreme case, but we felt that the industry and customers should know about the poor workmanship that this person provides.

P.S We gave this person the opportunity to make good on his poor workmanship to avoid such a public post, but he instead refused to man up and come to the party. As they say, you reap what you sow.

For ourselves, we will be hiring new staff over the 2015 year, and aim to continue to improve the high standard of workmanship that aspire to.